• All users are expected to maintain peace in the Library.
• Students without the proper SMS Executive Dress Code will have no privilege to enter the Library or get the books issued from the Library.
• The Librarian shall have the right to refuse admission to any person inside the library if ample reason is found for doing so.
• Infringement of any of the rules by any student shall snap the privilege of borrowing books from the Library and shall also be liable for any other penalty as deemed fit by the Director.
• No person shall write upon / damage or make any mark upon the books or documents belonging to Library. Doing so shall invite punishment / fine.
• Before entry into the Central Library, Personal books, handbags and any other articles, as prohibited, shall be kept outside the Library in the property room.
• Before leaving the Library, the readers shall return the book/document which they have taken for consultation.
• In no case, books shall be issued to the students during Summer Vacation/Summer Training.
• Mobile phones are strictly not permitted inside the Library premises. However, the same can be carried inside by switching it off during the time span a student wishes to spend in the Central Library. Non-Compliance of this rule by a student may attract a fine up to Rupees Five Hundred.
• The Director shall have the right to alter or modify any of the aforesaid rules as per the need of the hour.


• Only bonafide students of the School of Management Sciences shall be entitled to use the library facilities.
• The Reader's Tickets will be issued along with the Kit to the student and thereafter, the student shall become a member of the library and    shall be entitled to borrow the books from the library.
• For Post-Graduate students 6 (Six) and for Under-Graduate students 4 (Four) Reader’s Tickets shall be issued to each individual.
• The Reader's Ticket shall bear the attested passport size recent photograph of the student and shall be valid for the entire duration of the    course.
• The Reader's Tickets shall be non-transferable.
• In case of the loss of Reader's Ticket(s), the student shall report the matter to the Librarian. The duplicate Reader's Ticket(s) may be issued after a payment of Rs. 100/- per ticket.
• A student using the library shall have to carry his/her Identity Card and produce the same whenever asked for by the Librarian/ Library    Staff.
• A student shall return all books issued to him/her by the Library on the last day of each theory paper of Semester-end / Yearly Examination, failing which they will not be allowed to appear at Viva-Voce / Practical Examination.
• All Final Year / Final Semester students will have to deposit their Library Cards before the date of Comprehensive Viva-Voce / Practical Examination, failing which No Dues Certificate will not be issued and student will not be allowed to appear in Viva-Voce / Practical Examination and/or No refund of Security Money would be made.
• The Guard will check every reader on the gate of the Library before and after the entry and exit to and from the Library.


• The students themselves shall have to necessarily appear in person to get the book(s) issued from the Library.
• The students shall not sub-lend the library books to any other person or institution, whatsoever.
• The students shall present their Identity Cards along with Reader's Ticket at the Library Counter for borrowing the books.
• Students must check the book/s before they borrow it/them to ensure that it is/they are intact in all respects. Any mutilation noticed by the Library Staff after its issue and before its return shall amount to replacement of book/recovery of cost of book from the borrower.
• Books shall be issued for 15 days only and must be returned on or before the due date mentioned on the Date Slip pasted at the end of the book. In case, the due date falls on a holiday, the book shall be due for return on the first opening day of the Library thereafter. No fine would be charged in such a case. The failure to return the book on the due date shall be treated as a default on the part of the student and shall result in an overdue charge of Rs. 5/- per volume per day. A receipt shall be issued by the Library for any such dues collected.
• Any book/document issued/taken from the Library can be called back by the Librarian even before the due date of return, if there is any urgency.
• If a book is lost, the student shall inform the Librarian in writing about it and he/she shall have to replace the book by its fresh and latest edition, within a stipulated period as decided by the Librarian. In case the lost book is out of print or not available in the market, the student shall have to deposit two times the price of the lost book(s).
• Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Handbooks, Manuscripts, Journals, Magazines, Rare and Out-of-Print Books, Training and Research Reports, Reference Files and any other material declared ‘rare’ shall be considered as Reference Books. The Reference Books, shall not be issued to any student and shall be available for consultation in the Library premises only against their Reference Pass Books.
• A student cannot take more than 1 reference book at a time for reading purposes in the Library.
• In no case a book would be re-issued to the student immediately on return.
• No fine would be imposed during officially declared Preparation Leave and Examination period.
• Students not returning the books on the last day of their written / theory examinations would have to pay a fine of Rs. 5/- per book per day upto a maximum of Rs. 500/- after which the results of the student(s) would be withheld. However, if the book is reported as lost by the student, he/she will have to pay two times the price of the lost book(s).
• Students not returning the book(s) on the last date of their Written / Theory Semester Examination, and the next semester begins, the defaulting students will have to pay a consolidated fine of Rs. 500/- per book.

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